Welcome to DIF Historia!

Welcome to DIF Historia!

Djurgårdens Idrottsförening was founded on the 12:th of March 1891, by a dozen young men in a small café at Alberget 4A in Stockholm. Since then, our club has lived through many successes and crisis.

The club is one of the largest in Sweden and is composed by 21 different sports (2020). On the 100:th birthday a book was published [Link], containing parts of our then 100 years of operation. But for some time, a lot of members has felt that one should get an overall description of our club, including more stories, more pictures and more displaying of our athletes and leaders. It was a call to start a digital museum.

Through the prime in the organization, DIF Alliansförening, this project was started and an associated club, Sällskapet Gamla Djurgårdare, got the assignment to develop the museum. The people involved in the project group are: Åsa Kellerstam, Pelle Kotschack, Jan-Peder Norstedt, Lars Erbom, Per Darnell, Mats Lindkvist och Per-Ola Karlsson.

What you are seeing now is the result of an ongoing, never ending, work to make the digital museum as great as the club. There is already material to keep you engaged for days, but it will be filled ongoing by all interested members. If you have any material that could be of interest, please email us at info@difhistoria.se. Most of the material will be in Swedish, so if you need translation you are encourage to use Google translate.

You can also see us in social media: Facebook and Youtube.

Very welcome to difhistoria.se! Enjoy!
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